Your Response to Negative Comments Puts You In Control

Your Response to Negative Comments Puts You In Control


11 tips on answering not-so-nice comments online

Negative comments and reviews are inevitable. According to Inc., it’s estimated that only about one in 10 happy customers leave a good review. If a customer has a bad experience with your company, however, he or she is not only likely to leave a bad review online, he is also likely to tell friends not to use your business.

Also, most customers scroll right to the bad reviews and make decisions based on these. Not very fair, but true.

A less-than-optimal customer experience can stem from a misunderstanding, an employee who is new or has not been taught to interact well with the public, product problems, or a host of other issues.

Remember you cannot delete a bad review – even on the platforms where it is possible it is still not a good idea; it’s bad for business, and it makes you look less than honest. A bad review is out there forever.

No matter what the reason, a negative experience leading to a negative review online can affect your business. But knowing what to do when you do receive a bad review can help you recover quickly.

We’ve put together 11 relatively simple tips for you:

1. Don’t take it personally.

2. Respond quickly — ignoring a bad review not only makes the reviewer feel bad, it makes you look like you don’t care.

3. Don’t get defensive or accusational— seeing a defensive response can turn off even the most loyal customer.

4. Always be kind and sincere.

5. Acknowledge the complaint by restating it – this shows the customer you understand where they’re coming from.

6. If it is a problem with an employee, do NOT let the involved employee respond — that’s a recipe for disaster.

7. Better yet, respond as a business owner – your customers will be surprised and pleased that someone from the top is paying attention.

8. Watch grammar and spelling especially in your response. People look at that stuff. Make sure that whoever crafts the response has excellent grammar and spelling skills.

9. Ask people to contact you in your response. This shows that you care and want resolution. Give them a number or email address that will get them in touch with a real human as soon as possible.

10. If it’s a real issue, acknowledge it and let the customer know you’re aware and most of all, dealing with it. Resolve the problem – perhaps offer a discount or other perk to the dissatisfied customer.

11. If you don’t know how to respond, get advice.



Don’t let negative reviews and comments on your website, blog, Google, Facebook, Yelp, or other online platform get you down. Keep your head and respond appropriately and you can recover fast and maybe even attract more customers.

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