What is a Sales Funnel, and Why is it Vital to Your Business?

Sales Funnel by Integrity eMarketing Solutions

No matter whether offering goods or services, every business brings in sales through a process called a “funnel.” Understanding each step of this process is a major help in tracking and successfully creating sales conversions – that is, turning potential customers into actual, paying customers.

The top and widest section of the funnel represents your business’s leads. A lead is anyone who might purchase from your business, even if they don’t know you exist yet!

  • Maybe a lead is searching online for what you offer because they’re already in need. In this case, it’s essential to have a detailed and accurate presence on search engines in order to be quickly, easily found.
  • Maybe your lead has interests related to your business, but doesn’t know they want to buy just yet. Placing ads in relevant locations could spark interest – and clicks – from the right audiences.
  • Word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family are still incredibly useful means of bringing a lead’s business to your doorstep (or website). That’s why it’s also important to establish your business on social media.

These methods of building awareness of your business are leads’ first “step” into your sales funnel. The second step is capturing them – not necessarily their wallets, but their attention and trust. Even if this doesn’t spur immediate sales, it puts you on customers’ radars for future consideration. Capturing requires:

  • well-branded, easy-to-navigate website with real, fresh content.
  • Staying an active, contributing member of online communities. Simply having these accounts isn’t enough. An inactive Facebook page or long-dormant Google account isn’t helping your business – it could be turning it away!

Offering quality, relevant content in these places can entice potential customers into trusting you with information like email addresses, which can become another vehicle to share educational items or promotions.

And all these together can excite customers — and turn into a sale!

Once a lead has made the careful decision to become a customer of yours, it’s time for follow-up. Regular emails to existing customers, providing incentives for reviews, and creating social medialook-alike lists can widen the top of your leads funnel and help turn customers into repeat business by introducing them into the funnel again.

Sound simple? It can be, if you have help! Integrity eMarketing Solutions are the experts in creating and customizing sales funnels for businesses like yours. Allow us to make and maintain the critical aspects of e-marketing while you focus on what you do best for your business.

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