SEO Success Factors in 2019

SEO Success Factors in 2019

Newer technology and Google ranking factors make search engine optimization (SEO) a constantly-changing marketing tool. To get a handle on it and use it to your advantage, keeping up with cutting-edge digital marketing trends is a must, so Integrity eMarketing Solutions has collected some useful information for you here.


Whether you’re looking to tweak your adaptive SEO approach or simply get the most out of your site’s internal linking, here are five trends you shouldn’t overlook in 2019.


Mobile-Friendly Content


One of the leading ranking factors this year will be easily-accessible, mobile-friendly content. There will be nearly 6 billion people using smartphones in 2019, dwarfing the use of desktop computers and forcing search engines to become more mobile-friendly platforms. This means that your site needs to be user-friendly and responsive to smartphone users.


High-Quality Links


Internal linking is a great way to boost SEO ranking, but backlinking to reputable sites and sources is crucial. Today’s popular search engines determine a site’s credibility through its internal linking structure, meaning you can be penalized for repeatedly linking back to the same place. Make 2019 the year where you develop more powerful links.


Local SEO Targeting


Even businesses with a global reach can often benefit from enhanced local SEO targeting. Creating a marketing campaign aimed at connecting with your local audience can help increase your audience base and enhance credibility. Location-based searches are growing ever more common and with the right SEO and mobile platform, you’ll be one of the first business that pops up in those Google searches for “restaurants nearby.”


Voice Search Capability


Another burgeoning technology that will keep unrolling in 2019 is the voice search software used for mobile applications. Things like Siri, Google Now and Cortana have become increasingly popular for online queries. Adapting your marketing campaign to capitalize on voice search leads is going to be one of the game-changing moves for the coming year.


Develop Unique Content


One of the best ways to boost SEO rankings is by giving your audience something that no one else can give them. Adding keywords to blog posts is a great way to bring traffic to your site but to keep them coming back, you also need to provide worthwhile content. Things like one-on-one interviews with industry influencers and video webinars will generate a worthy buzz.


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