LinkedIn vs. Facebook for Your Business

Let Your Business Thrive in Social Media through Facebook and LinkedIn

“The viral power of online media has proven how fast creative ideas can be spread and adopted, using tools like cellphones, digital cameras, micro-credit, mobile banking, Facebook, and Twitter. A perfect example? The way the Green Movement in Iran caught fire thanks to social media.” – Tina Brown

There are over 70 social networking sites now since Facebook and Twitter pioneered social media gathering over a decade ago, but only two stand out from the rest when it comes to professional networking, start-up and corporate businesses. Both business entities and professionals look for leads to create business-to-business (B2B)/business-to-consumers (B2C) relations or land a job in companies that are seeking talented individuals. The two most prominent networking sites are Facebook and LinkedIn. Each one is uniquely designed to cater to specific needs of their users, but both are very efficient nevertheless.

The Difference Between Facebook and LinkedIn

Facebook and LinkedIn are different in so many ways, but the most significant difference between them are the difference in the number of subscribers/users. Facebook has over 900 million users to date (some estimates puts it at over 1 billion), while LinkedIn has around 300 million users. Both websites have a Google page rank of 9/10 which means that they are “THE” most popular searches in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Other important differences they have are that Facebook is suited for users who just want to hang out or socialize and for acquiring business leads on your business page. LinkedIn is mainly for corporate entities and business professionals.

Benefits of Facebook
Contrary to popular belief, Facebook still leads the social media sphere of influence and any individual or business owner knows the various benefits that it has for them. Among these benefits:

Increased exposure to potential customers
Gathering more leads
Communication with your existing customers/audience
Reaching a targeted audience
Using Facebook’s insights
Building brand loyalty
Increasing your web traffic
Boosting SEO
Being mobile ready
Spying on your competition

While most Facebook users go to Facebook to hang out with their friends and meet new people, engage in group discussions and other activities, Facebook manages these same people based on their interests and can target them for advertising that leads them to become your followers and customers in return.

Benefits of LinkedIn
LinkedIn’s upped, serious tone attracts more business-minded people. Whether you’re looking for work, searching for potential candidates to fill in a job position, or are a business owner who wants to network, LinkedIn is the way to go.

Here are some of the best LinkedIn benefits:

For new graduates:

Getting Job Email Alerts
Connecting with Professionals
Conducting Company Research
Getting Recommendations
Letting Companies Find You
Connecting with Other Students
Landing International Jobs

For business owners and sales people:

NETWORKING digitally
Getting recommendations
Identifying the right people
Receiving introductions
Maintaining relationships with current customers
Getting notifications when someone changes jobs
Discovering the relationships between your colleagues
Let other people perceive you as an expert
Discovering the relationships between customers, prospects and other contacts
Word of mouth publicity
Finding the right groups and organizations
Picking up trends
Discovering information about prospects and customers
Getting notifications when your customers link with sales reps

Both are very Useful for your Business
For best results, it is recommended that you use Facebook and LinkedIn as well as other social networking sites to boost your business presence worldwide online. In fact, most successful business owners and professionals do. You will be better assured having all these wonderful benefits back up your marketing and in time be one of the best entrepreneurs today.

Let’s connect – we can answer even more questions that you may have on social media marketing or digital marketing in general. Talk to you soon!