How Data Science Impacts the Digital Marketing Landscape

How Data Science Impacts the Digital Marketing Landscape

Data science offers marketers and content creation teams extensive insight into social media activity of potential clients, as well as tools for breaking down complex patterns to create easy-to-digest visual representations of them.

Many often use the term “data science” interchangeably with analytics and analysis, but it’s quite distinct. Data science is a tool that enables users to explore patterns and relationships through charts and images. Here, you’ll find some concrete examples of how it can be used for digital marketing.

Enhanced Use of Imagery

 One of the ways data science can aid marketers is by reducing their reliance on words when creating organic content. With data science and natural language, marketers can take advantage of algorithms that can help contextualize the words being used. Different types of graphs, for example, can better show how words and language are linked, enhancing the written content in your branding or on your website.

Boosting Community Presence

You can use data science to identify popular topics for community campaigns, in addition to making them more effective and targeting the right audience. Utilizing keywords and data collected across social platforms, data science enables users to identify hot topics of conversation. Other tools, such as machine learning and cluster analysis, help digital marketing teams identify how people interact with each other and the ways such conversations are had.

Visualizations for Greater Insights

Social media captures key moments from a user’s life and collects extensive data about their online interactions, which marketers are now able to illustrate visually using data science. Visualizing such things can provide extremely useful ways to reach new markets and audience members. New applications such as Hootsuite and SociLab enable users to extract their timelines and turn it into scatter plots, pie charts and other insightful ways to monitor social media metrics.

Social Media Persona Research

For a growing business, there is perhaps nothing as important as constructing the ideal persona. Who is most likely to be attracted to and benefit from your product? Using specific persona data can be much more of an effective strategy than identifying audience members by using demographic characteristics. The use of a persona helps to put a real face on your content marketing strategy.

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