Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. DIY

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. DIY

Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency vs. DIY


Are you a self-starter? If so, the idea of handing the reins of your company’s branding and marketing strategy over to someone else might make you wince. But managing the marketing and content needs of a company can require serious time and resources (even with a Marketing Manager), so the idea deserves serious consideration from every growing business.


Integrity eMarketing Solutions has helped hundreds of clients increase brand visibility and grow their audience with inventive digital marketing solutions. Here we’ve collected some of the key advantages of working with an outside firm versus doing-it-yourself.


  1. Frees up Valuable Resources


When you have staff members working on social media campaigns and creating marketing content, it takes up costly resources that might better be spent elsewhere. Chances are, an outside marketing firm will be able to work much quicker, whether writing blogs, posting on social media or creating an inbound marketing strategy.


  1. Provides a Team of Experts


Even if you’re familiar with basic SEO and PPC tactics, you might not be an expert. Nowadays, with so much emerging technology, adapting to trends and remaining up-to-date on the latest tactics is a full-time job. Working with an experienced team of digital marketing experts enables you to have access to all of the latest data to implement a successful targeted marketing campaign.


  1. Offers A Fresh Perspective


Sometimes the best way to jumpstart a new targeted marketing campaign is with a fresh perspective. If your in-house team has been struggling to come up with something different, it might not hurt to take a different approach. Professional marketing firms often can offer a way to sculpt the vision you have for your brand into something more tangible.


  1. Access to a Broader Skillset


One advantage of working with an agency is that you’ll be provided access to a much broader skillset. Many who work in the digital marketing industry are more than simply internet and design savvy people: they’re working creatives who boast backgrounds in art and writing that cover a wide range of talents. Perhaps you want to develop a one-of-a-kind video for a new product — professional marketing agencies can often do such things.


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