Are You In Control of Your Business Online? Why You MUST Have a Google My Business Profile

Are You In Control of Your Business Online? Why You MUST Have a Google My Business Profile

If you’re a business owner who hasn’t claimed or doesn’t control your own Google My Business page, you’re missing out on a powerful tool that massive numbers of potential customers are constantly utilizing to make their purchasing decisions.

Google My Business profiles are linked with Google Map results, and are often the very first interaction a searching customer will have with any local business. That means this result absolutely must make a good first impression on someone who is likely already prepared to spend and is only trying to decide where to do so.

Even if you personally haven’t created a My Business profile, chances are good that one already exists!

And if you’re not using it, it could be misused. Incorrect information could be living there, such as:

  • an unspecific business address, leading to a wrongly marked Google map result
  • wrong hours of business or other details provided by users (even well-meaning users!)
  • an outdated phone number or other contact information
  • old photos, such as of your building’s previous occupants

There may also be existing user reviews that would benefit from your response, whether negative ones that need to be addressed, or positive ones that you could be leveraging!

Out-of-date, inconsistent, or just plain wrong info could be confusing or turning away your customers. It also makes your business more difficult to find within the density of local search results, and can actually penalize your Google relevancy results across the web.

Maximize your online exposure and create confidence in your potential customers by having an optimized, accurate, and attractive business listing.

This is important, but it’s also only one piece of your business’s total online presentation. Creating and maintaining your digital presence to cultivate and nurture sales can be a full-time task. If it sounds daunting, we can help! This is what we do every day.

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