About Our Agency


Jeanne Warfel, CEO

Jeanne Warfel

Owner, CEO

Integrity eMarketing Solutions is backed by over 20 years of marketing and business experience. Our CEO and Founder, Jeanne Warfel, owned a mortgage corporation for 10 years that essentially ‘grew up’ with the internet – a vast majority of customers were procured from online marketing efforts. 

Leaving the industry in 2008 with the desire to apply her knowledge in technology and marketing to assist other businesses be even more successful, Jeanne opened Integrity eMarketing Solutions, Inc. in the Suburbs of Chicago.

In 2017, our successful agency expanded into the Northwoods of Wisconsin and now serves the entire United States.

Our Team

Our team includes graphic designers, award-winning ads managers for social media as well as Google ads, content writers, funnel creators, and our friendly client care staff. Our clients enjoy not only the latest technology with our dashboards and portals but also a level of service that can sometimes be lost today. 

Holistic Health

Also, since 2009, Jeanne has had a passion for all things Holistic Health. Since saving close family members from serious illness and seeing others suffer needlessly, Holistic Health has been a focal point of new education for her. Now, Holistic Health is a focus and niche for Integrity eMarketing Solutions and we all enjoy making a difference in others’ lives.