7 Secrets to Building Your Business Today Using Facebook

7 Secrets to Building Your Business Today Using Facebook

Facebook is ever changing, especially when it comes to building a business and increasing your followers. Followers tell and share with other followers and so on and so on, and that’s how you attract more clients.

Remember that Facebook is your face—your brand— on display at all times. Think of it like a social event and keep your best face on. You wouldn’t outright sell to your friends at a social event, would you? You wouldn’t have too many friends left if you did that. Don’t do that on Facebook either.

Keep everything social, friendly and informative.

Here area a few tips we’ve gathered to help you make the best use of Facebook:

1 – Talk directly to your audience.

Use language your customer base understands.

2 – Don’t post facts or fluff your customers already know.

3 – Don’t look like you’re desperate. This means not necessarily posting multiple times per day.

You want to remind your customers that you’re there—not make them resent that they followed you in the first place.

4 – Remember to frequently check your page for alerts—at least three times a day.

You don’t want to keep your customers hanging if they have questions.

5 – Don’t miss the opportunity that the About Us section provides to let your customers know all about you and your brand.

Make it engaging and interesting. Remember to include all of your contact information.

6 – Use your cover photo to identify your brand.

For instance: a beautifully landscaped backyard for a landscaping company, a family biking together happily for a chiropractor, a gorgeous kitchen for a company that installs countertops, or a crackling fire for a firewood provider. And don’t forget to add clickable links to your website in photo descriptions.

7 – If you have something to celebrate— toot your horn on a Facebook post!

Like your one-millionth customer, your biggest order, or the anniversary of your company’s founding. Share your successes!


Facebook Tips for Businesses

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