5 Ways LinkedIn can Benefit Your Business in 2019

5 Ways LinkedIn can Benefit Your Business in 2019

Although posting your resume on LinkedIn has become somewhat passé, there are still a few reasons why business owners shouldn’t ignore the social network. This is because it’s still a great place to search for new opportunities and connect with other like-minded professionals. It also offers a host of ways to grow your business and increase brand visibility.

Using LinkedIn for business offers opportunities to enhance your marketing strategy. If you want to capitalize on every tool at your disposal for positive growth, take a look at this helpful guide from Integrity eMarketing Solutions.

LinkedIn Continues Growing Exponentially

Since its inception in the early 2000s, LinkedIn has certainly changed. Although not solely used for job seekers and staffing professionals anymore, the site has steadily grown and now boasts more than half-a-billion members. This means that a little LinkedIn marketing success goes a long way to boost your business.

It Offers an Elite Audience

According to a study on LinkedIn’s very own blog, there are some serious opportunities for businesses to catch the eye of high-level, industry influencers and senior-level professionals. There are more than 60 million high-ranking influencers: 40 million of these boast decision-making positions, meaning if you can get a mention from them you can drastically boost your presence online.

There Is a Host of Marketing Tools

Like many other social platforms, there are a variety of marketing tools that are unique and specifically designed for the LinkedIn platform. Not only can you boost engagement on your company’s page, but users can also take advantage of Slideshare services, InMail solutions, text ads, and sponsored and direct-sponsored content to provide traffic and returns.

LinkedIn Boasts a Built-In Trust Factor

Since LinkedIn is a social network used mainly by professionals, companies and industry experts, there’s more of a built-in trust factor than on other sites. This means that unlike Facebook or Twitter, people take what you post more seriously, especially if done so in an informative and authoritative manner. Becoming a trusted source of industry insight or trends can help you grow your audience base and create a buzz around your brand, which quickly turns into leads and increased sales.

Join Groups & Create a Conversation

An easy way to connect with industry influencers and audience members is by joining groups related to your industry trends. Connecting with members by commenting personally on posts and interacting is a great way to solidify your reputation as a leader. Having an ongoing conversation with stakeholders means they’re more likely to come to you when they’re looking for services or solutions.

Learn More About LinkedIn for Business

Want to learn more about implementing a marketing strategy for LinkedIn in 2019? Integrity eMarketing Solutions will work with you, ensuring your business is taking advantage of every tool for growth at your disposal. Contact our team today to learn more about our services.