5 Quick Tips for Digital Marketing Success in 2019

5 Quick Tips for Digital Marketing Success in 2019

With ever-changing technology and new digital marketing trends popping up almost every day, it can be tough to develop a digital marketing strategy that generates leads and helps you build your brand. But it isn’t impossible, especially when armed with a few tips from professionals.


For this reason, the experts from Integrity eMarketing Solutions have compiled a few trends and best practices to help you get a handle on your 2019 digital marketing plan.


Make Content Accessible


When it comes to the web, it’s all about being accessible: the more inclusive you are, the more sales and traffic you’ll generate. This means giving as many access to your brand as possible, even those with disabilities, such as the blind or hearing impaired. Ensuring customers from every walk of life have access to your content will help you be inclusive and expand your audience.


Integrated SEO


Search engine optimization (SEO) best practices are always a must for any solid content marketing strategy: that won’t change in 2019. When it comes to SEO, the best way to take advantage of it is to integrate it across your entire marketing hub. This means adding internal linking and unique keyword-laden text and other techniques to take advantage of Google’s algorithms.


Document Your Marketing Strategy


One of the most essential aspects of any strategy is to keep track of what works and what doesn’t, so you can make it better each year. Be sure you’re documenting your content marketing strategy and measuring the ROI you get from every article or marketing campaign. Doing so can help your team set better goals and give you an idea of where your content is lacking.


Take Advantage of Video Marketing


With platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and others introducing the story video format, marketers have gained yet another useful tool in connecting with audiences. Now you can hold live events and answer questions in real time, giving you more opportunities than ever to connect with potential clients.


Incorporate Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) is used for everything from mining consumer data to scouring social media points. Digital marketing strategists can take advantage of it by incorporating it into their campaigns to identify problems, strengthen the link across the web and mobile platforms, as well as develop enhanced conversion management and predictive forecasting techniques.

Jumpstart your 2019 marketing campaign!


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