5 of the Most Impactful Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

5 of the Most Impactful Google Algorithm Updates in 2018

Keeping track of updates to Google’s algorithms is one of the best ways to remain on the cutting-edge of the digital marketing industry. Unfortunately, sometimes tracking all the major changes is easier said than done, so Integrity eMarketing Solutions has offered some of their expertise below.


For those who want to construct a successful 2019 digital marketing campaign, here are last year’s top algorithm changes for your review.  


Mobile Speed Update


Announced at the beginning of 2018, this speed update was released in July 2018 and means big changes. Google’s new page-speed update means that now it’s making the speed of mobile pages a ranking factor in search results. This means if your mobile content isn’t up to speed, get it there quick.


Medic “Core” Update


Although thought to mainly have impacted medical and health sites, Google’s recent Medic “Core” Update had much more of an impact than anticipated. In some cases, larger businesses with multiple locations dropped in search rankings in favor of smaller, local businesses.  


Video Carousels


In June of last year, Google made big waves in the digital marketing field when they changed videos from being shown as thumbnails to dedicated video carousels. This caused in a sea change in results that were previously tracked as organic content/traffic.


Snippet Length Drop


Google has been fiddling with its snippet size for a while now. After testing the waters with a longer length of up to 300+ characters, they decided it wasn’t worth it in May 2018. This year saw the rollback of the character length to the former limit of 150-60 characters.


Chrome Security Warning


This Google algorithm update could seriously affect some of the less tech-savvy business owners out there, especially those with a non-HTTPS site. In July of last year, Chrome 68 began labeling all non-HTTPS sites as non-secure.

Our team can tweak your digital marketing plan to keep up with Google changes!


Those who want to continue to get the most out of their digital marketing plan need to adapt to Google’s changes, so to learn more contact our team today.