2018 Digital Marketing Recap

2018 Digital Marketing Recap

Not every growing trend at the beginning of the year is going to be around at the end: it’s the nature of life, especially when it comes to tech trends. That’s why sometimes it’s just as important to look back as it is to look forward, so Integrity eMarketing Solutions has collected some of 2018’s best digital marketing trends.


To build on some of the past year’s successful strategies, here are a few trends to keep an eye on.


Trends in Artificial Intelligence


This past year saw a lot of improvements in the realm of artificial intelligence (AI). Programs have been developed to analyze search patterns, collect consumer data, perform automated customer services, forecast client trends, and a whole lot more. However, the SEO and marketing realm hasn’t quite caught up yet.


Improved Voice Technology


A host of households have an Alexa or utilize Google voice on a regular basis and this number isn’t going to stop growing. The past year saw drastic improvements in voice technology, everything from search ranking factors to local mobile uses. Tailor your SEO approach to offer the concise responses and pointed interactions voice technology employs to remain at the forefront in 2019.


Increased Reliance on Mobile


The year 2018 saw an increased reliance on mobile technology. With the number of smartphone users expected to reach nearly 6 billion in the coming year, mobile is something digital marketing teams can’t overlook. For those who want to improve their local presence, mobile is increasingly important, as Google search algorithms only add the most high-performing and user-friendly mobile sites to the top of the list.


Personalized Campaigns


It doesn’t matter if it’s the 21st century or hundreds of years ago: there’s nothing quite like a personal touch. Another way digital marketing teams improved their campaigns this year was by focusing on making personal connections with audience members. This can be something as simple as signing your name to the email blast or personalizing your customers’ web experience through the use of analytics; either way, it pays off.


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